Christmas  LbNA # 22949

OwnerRubberband Man    
Placed DateDec 25 2005
LocationMissoula, MT
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Jun 24 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is called the “Christmas” letterbox. Not terribly original, I know, but seeing how these clues were coming out on the 25th, I don’t suppose I could have named it much else.
The entire trek should only last about fifteen minutes including driving time. It’s so cold out these days that I figured I’d make it short and sweet.
Here’s the puzzle: 1) think of a sport that is popular in Montana (one word), 2) double one of the consonants, 3) roll back a different consonant three spots (so a D would roll back to an A, an E would roll back to a B, etc.), 4) rearrange the new set of letters to get a Missoula street.
Once you’ve gotten the street, go as far north as you can on it. You should see a big, beautiful tree apart from the others. Park nearby and start at this tree. From the tree, you should see a cement structure forming a short path (not a sidewalk). Go directly through and down the cement path and continue on a straight line. Stop before you enter the street and turn around. You should see a circular red image on a square object framed in a diamond shape on the path you just walked through. If you’re not sure, then you can check it by continuing on a straight path to the next available tree (the path goes through the street, so be careful if you do this); the object will still be framed when you turn around.
Go to the circular image. Behind it, you should find a small metal box (you will be in plain view of everyone, so please be discrete). Push up and out, and you’ll find a letterbox!