Peace Now  LbNA # 22961

Placed DateJun 13 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By EWin13
Last Found Nov 1 2014
Hike Distance?

Risk: low (occasional poison ivy, bugs, etc)
Difficulty: easy (short hike on nice trail)
Visibility: probably low, usually

From Nacogdoches, take Hwy 225 west towards Lake Nacogdoches. As you go under Loop 224, take note of the odometer reading, if you want. It is approximately 8 miles from the loop to the turn off the highway.

Keep an eye out for the signs about Lake Nacogdoches. The first sign says Lake Nacogdoches EAST Park, but you should keep going a little bit further down the road. Turn in at the Scenic Overlook. The sign for this is angled for drivers coming towards Nacogdoches, so it is easy to miss if you are coming from Nac. Another landmark is the Yakofritz Landing store -- the Scenic Overlook is about one mile after that store. Turn right at the Scenic Overlook sign and park there.

Cross the bridge into the woods, then follow the trail to the right, about 15 steps from the bridge, to a big pine tree on the left side of the trail. Then go about 50 more feet along the trail, to a vague sort of intersection. Take the left/uphill branch of the trail at that point.

Follow the trail, keeping always to the left/uphill side of the trail, until you come to the first bench. If you cross another bridge, that is too far.

After sitting on the bench to enjoy the view of the lake, look to the right and there is a big pine tree with a heart carved into the trunk, about five feet up or so. Stand facing the heart. There is a second, small, tree growing immediately to the left of the pine tree. Look between these two trees and notice the cedar tree a short distance into the wooded area. That is the letterbox tree.

However, I suggest you go back up the main trail (rather than just go crashing through the woods directly to the cedar), and take a left at the small pine tree you'll find about 10-15 feet back up the trail.

Box is hidden on the left side of the cedar, wedged under the lowest branch of the tree, and covered as usual. Please take an extra moment to rehide carefully, because I am not able to check on this box very often. Thank you.

The "Dragon by the Lake" letterbox is also located on this trail.

When you return to your car, if you go further down the road another mile or so, you'll get to the sign for Lake Nacogdoches WEST park. That area has many nice picnic tables, some pretty good playground equipment, and bathrooms that are usually in pretty good shape. Overall, a great place to have a picnic before or after hunting for the box. If you continue on the road down the hill, you will arrive at the parking area for the swimming area of the lake and a pier for fishing and a boat ramp, too. So those might be other activities to include in your day. Swimming area is roped off, but there are no lifeguards – swim at your own risk.

Thanks for looking!