Dormouse  LbNA # 22970

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateJun 3 2006
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By shooting starz
Last Found May 28 2015
Hike Distance?

After having hot tea poured on his nose, which puffed it up and made it quite red and itchy, and being pinched repeatedly, then finally being stuffed into a teapot, Dormouse had had quite enough. He carefully peeked out from under the teapot lid to make sure Mad Hatter and March Hare were nowhere close by (they had moved to the far end of the table and were preparing to re-butter Hatter's watch), slipped out of the teapot and quietly replaced the lid, then slid over the edge of the table and made his way to Evergreen Grove parking lot.
He was becoming quite sleepy as he made his way down the Blue/Green Trail. After almost dozing and nearly falling over several times, he came to where the Ice Age Trail crossed the trail. By now he was getting very tired and decided he'd better hurry and find a place before he fell asleep right on the trail. He looked briefly at a large culvert but decided it was far too wet.
"That stone wall along the trail might have a safe place to sleep," he thought.
A short way further there was a large gap in the wall. He went through to the far side and turned left. He had gone about 160 steps (that's Dormouse steps: they take ten for every one of ours) when he found a very comfortable place under a flat, black stone. Crawling inside he stretched, yawned, and was fast asleep.