Butterfly's Mystery Birthday Letterbox  LbNA # 2300

OwnerLobsta Lady      
Placed DateJan 26 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Butterfly's Mystery Birthday Box
Planted by: Lobsta Lady somewhere in CT
January 26, 2003

Placed in honor of My Very Dear Butterfly's birthday. She is one who does the most Amazing things, like she use to fly Yale professors from Tweed to Idlewilde in her younger days. Enjoy!
Lobsta Lady

Seems there was this movie actor romeo who won an oscar, and was named Charlie. He was a man who could eat many kilograms of food at one sitting, and he was a yankee from up north. One November he took a trip up to visit Echo Lake. Now Charlie weighed many kilos from eating too much food, but after every performance on stage, people still yelled "Bravo!".

While he was up at Echo Lake, he stayed at a hotel run by folks from India, (who just came to America in November); they use to live on a river delta that flooded too much. His papa was an alpha male named Victor, who was an indian from Lima. He was a famous indian actor known for winning an oscar in November for his famous foxtrot scene in a popular movie. He drove an alpha romero sports car, which he also purchased that November.

Charlie, the oscar winning movie romeo, in November at Echo Lake, became quite the romeo off screen too, causing some ladies to yell "bravo!" after he danced with them. He was fond of food from India, and he enjoyed playing golf. But he liked best to tango, this romeo, and echoes of that music echoed on & on in his dreams.

He looked handsome wearing his uniform that November on the delta, and echoes of this romeo reached all the way to Lima. Echoing down the river delta, where he liked to play golf. He was an echo of his famous father.

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