Wood-Verner Cemetery  LbNA # 23012 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSilly Little Fairy    
Placed DateJun 14 2006
LocationTyler, TX
Found By kjam
Last Found Jun 21 2008
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Wood-Verner cemetery is the oldest known cemetery in the Dixie area just west of Tyler in Smith County. This cemetery is also known as the Black Fork Cemetery and the Verner Cemetery. There are pioneer settlers, polish immigrants, former slaves and at least two Civil War Veterans buried there. It is where a majority of my family is buried and I remember going there as a kid with my grandparents on cleanup day and helping out. It is a peaceful and serene place. Please take care when looking around, many graves are unmarked.

Take Hwy 64 west from Tyler to the intersection of Hwy 724 (approximately 3 miles from Loop 323) and turn right (northwest). Go to the intersection of CR 1148 and turn left (west). Continue tothe end of CR 1148 and the road ends at and circles the cemetery.

When the corner of the cemetery comes into view, you will see a road to the left that leads to the entrance of the cemetery and the historical marker – don’t turn - go straight. In the corner of the fence is big oak tree #1. Proceed straight down the road passing big oak tree #1 on the left and look for the light pole outside the cemetery fence on the left – pass it, also. Just past the light pole inside the cemetery is big oak tree #2. Proceed slowly until you get to big oak tree #3 inside the cemetery. STOP! Just outside the fence, in front of big oak tree #3, are two old tree stumps with splits down the middle. The box is located inside the split of the larger stump closest to the fence. Happy hunting!!

Please contact me if the box is missing or not in good shape.
As of July 4, 2010, this box is missing :( but feel free to check out this awesome cemetery! I will try to replace the box as soon as I can and will update its status when I do. Thanks for visiting!