The Stray Dog  LbNA # 23022 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 14 2006
LocationBradenton, FL
Planted Bygecko    
Found By country duo
Last Found Sep 14 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 6 2015

The Stray Dog has escaped from his owner at "Happy Tails" dog park. The park is located in G.T.Bray park in Bradenton. You may want to bring some peanuts for the squirrels to munch on while they watch you look for The Stray Dog!! To get to the correct part of the park, (as you can access it from different roads), you will need to bo on 51st st. west. Enter the park at the entrance directly across from 29th Ave. west ( there are actually 2 entrances on this road!). In the parking lot, park in front of the big green G.T.Bray sign. The dog park is off to the right. From your car walk through the trees toward the amphitheater on the right, and a playground on the left. You will come to a walking/biking trail. Continue walking forward on the trail, notice the green 1/4 mile marker to your right. Stay on the path to the right, past bench on right. Bear left up ahead. The dog park should be on your right now. If your walk is early evening you will surely see lots of dogs and owners at 'Happy Tails' getting their exercise, not to worry, the dog park is completely fenced ( although 'Stray Dog' did escape!!). Continue on trail bearing left then right. Shortly after bearing right, you will see two large rocks on your left. Keep walking to the bench on the right. Sit and take a break, feed the squirrels. Look back over your left shoulder(while sitting) and notice the lone palm tree, over by the fence. To the left is a grouping of 4 trees. Go to the grouping and find 'Stray dog' hiding at the back of the palm of the grouping. He is nestled at the base. You may want to go back to bench to stamp, and please, please be discreet, as there could be lots of walkers around. Please be very careful to cover him good after you leave!! ( the park groundsman are very efficient!!)