Island Creek Butterfly  LbNA # 23048 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationAvon, NC
Found By chance
Last Found Sep 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Note that we visited Avon this August, 2008 and this box was doing well!

Ten miles south of Salvo, the village of Avon rises up out of the flat, desert-like Hatteras Island landscape. Avon was originally called Kinnakeet, a name that is still used by true natives. The name changed when the village got a post office in 1883. The area is steeped in its history of lifesaving, fishing and boat building. Our family has stayed in this location for several summers and we have loved every moment of it. The stamp found here was our first ever and the idea was my daughter’s who is enthralled with butterflies. We picked this location because nearly every night we would find ourselves at the adjacent docks hunting for crabs.
To find this box, travel to Avon, North Carolina and turn on Island Creek Road. You must go over the bridge and park somewhere. Please note that this is essentially private property, but it is commonly used by vacationers and your activity should not be noticed by most. Count the number of homes in Island Creek, specifically on Island Creek Road. Divide by two. Find Windy Lane. Stand at the Windy Lane street sign looking ahead over the bridge. On the right side of the bridge count the number of posts (equal to the number of houses divided by two). The box is wedged behind this post. There is a piece of wood or a rock blocking it in. Please replace the block! Good Luck and let us know if you find it.