Diver's End  LbNA # 23052 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 16 2006
LocationCarbondale, IL
Found By CaterpillaR Family
Last Found Jul 7 2007
Hike Distance?

O.K. all you landlubbers seeking the sea, start at a place on sycamore street where you can see a light blue water tower framed by two, stone eagles.

Swim over to the speed limit 30 sign to the NE. (Say hello to Frosty the Snowman when you get there.)

Kick and paddle your way to the next Frosty the Snowman sign to the N. At the end of this block, turn in the direction Frosty's scarf is blowing. (What is roasting on the open fire.)

Swim right into the first alley past the red windmill.

Enter stage left.

After acting out your favorite scene from Peter Pan and checking your oxygen gauge, climb the draw bridge onto the pirate ship before you.

Slide back down into the ocean, but swim quickly to the right and grab the nearest ladder. (There are sharks in these waters.)

With your hands in the metal handles of the ladder's top, look to the north to the tree that is framed by the ship's other ladder. Swim speedily to this tree.

What you seek is hidden in a film cannister in a crotch about chest height. (You may need to fish around in there a bit before you find it.)

After you have done your stamping and enjoyed some shade, please place everything back as you found it. Happy letterboxing!