Where Water Comes From  LbNA # 23065

Placed DateJun 16 2006
LocationBurnsville, NC
Found By Tiptoe & Tonto
Last Found Mar 25 2007
Hike Distance?

Where Water Comes From & 12 More Miles

Please do not put these boxes into plastic bags. Thank you!

This is a short, beautiful hike with the usual outdoor hazards. Wear ankle-supporting boots; the trail is rocky. Carry water; the trail is up. Keep your dogs on a leash; there are neighbor dogs who will bark and possibly run out to check you out. This is a lush area; your feet could get wet and/or muddy, but mostly you can avoid it.

From Burnsville, drive about half a mile or so south on 197, watching for left turn onto Bolenís Creek Rd.

Stay on Bolenís creek road a coupla/three miles until the very sharp up-right turn. Pull over and park near the cemetery; please do NOT block the cemetery gates.

Walk back to Watershed. Itís private vehicle-wise, but this is the beginning of the trail.

It is 12 More Miles to Mount Mitchell from here. On foot. Takes two days for the average incredibly fit experienced hiker.

Hike up the drive and over the Creek Ė or, if you prefer, through it (the planks are old and scary-looking), and up.

12 More Miles: Go up and up =puff= =puff= Watch underfoot for the dragon's spine, and up on the left for a large angular jutting overhang. Past it, a very large round rock also on the left. From this very large round rock, it's about 30 paces to a fallen giant. Go over or under, and then about 150 paces more to another roundish rock on the left. Eight more paces and you notice a sloping path to the water - take it. Go beyond the huge round sentinel and up to a slanted rock which points to a perfect box place on the left where you will find 12 More Miles.

Where Water Comes From: (Until I was about 17, I thought water came from faucets!) Return to the trail and continue your ascent. After a fairly flat run =wheeze= another 50 paces brings you to the second sloping path to the water. This is where half of Burnsvilleís drinking water comes from; notice half the stream disappears beneath your feet. Press on over rocks til you see the knobby twins in front of an large squarish boulder. Yes, the cairn on top hides the prize BUT it is also the roof of a salamanderís house, so PLEASE be gentle! He may shimmy down far enough to check you out; donít freak.

Please leave both boxes exactly as you found them.