Placed DateJun 18 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationTorrance, CA
Planted Bygerwaiian oma    
Found By Dcar Family
Last Found Jul 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Unfortunantly I have to recarve stamp and redo clues. It is missing due to major renovations at location. Will post new clues when renovation is complete. No ETA at this time.

This box is placed in honor of my Step dad, Jones, who passed away last year. I’m planting it on Father’s Day for him and if he were still here, I’d buy him a beer. He loved his beer and he loved my Mom, (she’s German), so what better place to hide this box than in a German village with a brewery! After you’ve found it, check out the little stores for some German culture, especially the market. It has an award winning meat counter and lots of goodies. Then go over to the Inn and have a beer (only if you are of drinking age and if you’re not driving) and give a “Prost” to Jones.

Clues to the box.
German words are capitalized.

Start where DREI PFERDE walk around
Then head to the West
Soon you come upon an Inn
Where the ESSEN UND BIER SIND the best

Don’t go there yet, stay on your path
ZWÖLF FÄSSER on your right
The box is now in sight

GERADEAUS, you’re almost there
Stay awhile and window shop
For Jones, the GOLDRICHTIG store

Which FENSTER do you pick
To stand in front and stare
Pretend to be interested
Then reach your hand up there

Casually go NACH LINKS
Hope that you are tall
All the while being discreet
Not an easy feat at all

This is an urban LB and if no one is around should only take you about 10 min. to find. It is a difficult retrieve only because of it's location. Good Luck and please, please be discreet. Best times to go are probably during the week or before hours.My apologies for the gi-normous stamp, 3”x 4”, I have not mastered intricate carving yet, so bigger is easier! I'd love to hear from you if you find it, let me know if it's ok or if you think I should relocate.