Firefly (Serenity)  LbNA # 23085

Placed DateJun 18 2006
LocationPalm Bay, FL
Found By JoSpeech
Last Found Sep 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Firefly (Serenity)

*The original stamp and box are gone. They have been replaced by another person (JoSpeech) as we moved from the area.

Arr, find yer way to Malabar Community Park. Many a bug resides there, so be sure ye’re wearin’ yer long knickers and using bug spray. Follow the blue, he’ll lead ye to me treasure. When there be two trails crossing, the blue, and a red, ye’ll need to look for the intersection of 9 paces from each trail. That be where X marks the spot. From X, ye’ll need to take 6 more paces in a northerly direction. There be my booty!

Walk the plank and see how many paces it takes ye. Two is what it took for me to meet the end.

If ye know not the television show Firefly, and the companion movie Serenity, ye be sorely lacking. Give them a try.