Rocking the Bench  LbNA # 23091

Placed DateJun 17 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By OnAnAdventure
Last Found Oct 12 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 13 2015

The Rocking and Crocking Series:
This box is part of the Rocking and Crocking series in Rockhill City Park just east of the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. All the boxes let you scramble over the park’s rocks to find letterboxes hidden in pottery crocks. Please treat the crocks with care, completely reseal them and replace them in upright position under the rock that shelters them. Then promptly log your find with LBNA at . Let us know what condition the box was in.

Rockhill Park is one of Columbia’s least known parks. It is mostly wild land covered with heavy timber and its namesake rocks. While the clues will primarily take you on developed trails, you must also venture in terrain that can snap an ankle. For several days after a rain, be very cautious of the slick clay on the trails. Avoid high water periods and keep out of the poison ivy. Be cautious, carry a cell phone and don’t start searching dusk.

There are three entrances to the park – choose any, although Rollins Street entrance near the University of Missouri Veterinary School is best known. A map of the park is at The Columbia Parks Website. .

The clues for all boxes in this series start at the Kevin McCauley Memorial Bridge in the center of the park. The bridge was named for a young man who died at 20. There are many memorials in the park. Honor them with your attention – the people on the plaques loved this place.

The Rocking the Bench clues:
A new logbook was placed in this box Dec. 24, 2006
Rocking the Bench is a tribute to the many wooden benches in the park that not only provide respite for hikers, but overlook scenes that invite peaceful meditation. As you walk the park, you may find folks of all ages enjoying the benches.

Start your quest for Rocking the Bench from the end of the bridge that doesn’t bear Kevin’s name. The trail rises quickly via nine rough wooden stairs, the parallels the ridge before heading uphill again. Count them – 16 timbers laid across the trail to give you better footing.

About a football field from the bridge is one of those delightful benches. You may need a rest here, but don’t bother looking for a box. You need to continue on about the width of a soccer field to a second bench.

Look around. You know you are there when on the left you find a tree that looks like it swallowed a squirrel. From the downhill side, it looks somewhat like an owl. The owl is looking toward your prize. Walk down the hill about the length of a tennis court, bearing 1 o’clock until you cross the creek. Turn left, look for a manhole cover and follow the small path running next to it. Step over the downed branch to where the trail heads downhill again.

But don’t go there. Instead, look at the rock outcropping to the right. In a stone niche, you’ll find your crock.

Make sure you notify us of your find by logging it with LBNA. Let us know what condition it is in. And please be careful with the crock, the rocks and your bones.