Rocking with Ron  LbNA # 23094 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 17 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By deswamprabbit
Last Found Oct 8 2008
Hike Distance?

The Rocking and Crocking:

This box is part of the Rocking and Crocking series in Rockhill City Park in Columbia, MO. All the boxes let you scramble over the park’s rocks to find letterboxes hidden in pottery crocks. Please treat the crocks with care, completely reseal them and replace them in upright position under the rock that shelters them. Then promptly log your find with LBNA at .

You’ll need the general instructions to the series, which are outlined in clues for Rocking the Bench.

The Rocking with Ron Clues:
Rocking with Ron was named after our friend and master box-hider, Ron. He likes ambitious quests, so this is tailor made for him. It requires much more “bushwacking” than the other crocks in this series and is probably not suitable for small children.

From Kevin’s end of the bridge, walk the 25 paces upstream to where the trail splits. Ignore the main trail up the hill and instead take the path less traveled. The trail parallels the creek, in which a large iron drainage pipe jumps in and out like a porpoise. At times you may smell an odor from the pipe’s manholes, but the creek itself seems fine.

Follow the trail to where a brick arch sits in the streambed. The trail crosses the creek just upstream at a large square stone (or maybe concrete block) and follows the route of a long-abandoned road. Dodge the poison ivy and follow the road until it fades into small drainage. Near the drainage, find and follow a long section of that iron pipe.

You may find rock-hopping in the creekbed easier than following the trail from here. Find the spot where the iron pipe reappears and crosses the creek diagonally – with a manhole at one end.

Now for some real Rockhill climbing… At the manhole, scramble uphill until you get to a level terrace. Before you will be a large tree among many smaller siblings. A dead sibling protected the rocky crag to the left, but finally took its plunge. Step over his stump and find a small cave at the base of the outcropping. Look inside.

Now you are crocking.