Brown's Camp #1  LbNA # 231

OwnerGreen Hornet    
Placed DateOct 10 1998
LocationTillamook Nat'l Forest, Glenwood, OR
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45.55064 N. Latitude
123.43372 W. Longitude

CLUES: 45 minutes west of Portland off Hwy 6 in the Tillamook Nat'l Forest. Get a map or you WILL NOT find it. Go in past the prison camp. (Location is part of Trail #17) From the center of the hilltop follow the trail that heads SW for 22 long paces. Turn to 295°. Walk into the weeds 19 paces. The box is on the NW side of a downed rotten log.

Wikipedia provides a description for a "geocache." This box, with its logbook and GPS coordinates, actually qualifies. Note that it was placed about 2 years earlier than the recognized "first geocache."