Logan Elm Series  LbNA # 23108 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationKingston, OH
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Oct 28 2007
Hike Distance?

THIS SERIES HAS BEEN MUGGLED & RETIRED!!!This is an easy-easy side trip while letterboxing in the area.This small park is located on Rte 361 between Rtes 23 & 159.The village of Kingston is about 5 miles away where we have 3 more boxes hidden.There are 5 boxes-3 celebrating bears;1 leafy stump & a bonus stamp.1)Approach the Nonhelema monument;look directly NE at a hollow tree.You will find box#1 plus a bonus "bug" that seems to be unregistered.Back-track to Chief Logan & 18 paces NW you will see a large tree chopped about 1/2 way up.#2 is in the hollow-you need to be tall or use a stick to retrieve. 3)From Logan's Speech head 30* towards the treeline.There will be a thorny tree & near the base rests #3. 4)From the flagpole bench head 100* towards the creek.Before reaching there you will find a hollow spot in a tree & Leafy Stump is hiding in the crevice. And as a bonus look for the black trees;there are only 2 in the park.#5 is in the black tree.Let us know how you did---R-gang
Box#3 has drowned;will be replaced at a later date---- .