Happy Unbirthday  LbNA # 23116

Placed DateMay 4 2006
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By Kermit
Last Found May 6 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was planted for the 2006 Great Lakes Gathering, "Wandering in Wonderland." It will reside permanently in Lapham Peak State Park (there is a fee to enter the park).

Begin your uncelebration at the southwesternmost intersection of the purple, black, and blue trails. Here you will be presented with a number of choices- in addition to the markers indicating the aforementioned “colorful” trails, you will also see signs directing you towards both the Homestead and Evergreen parking lots. Thank goodness you are not facing a hallway full of locked doors! Travel east along the purple trail. Things soon get curioser and curioser- notice the tree with the monstrous hole in its base on your right. Who knows what lurks there- could it hide a stolen tart? A slithy tove? What if it houses another mysterious rabbit hole? Hmm…unless you have time for an unplanned adventure, you’d better continue east.
Soon you will notice a number of large rocks pressed into the trail. Stop between the second and third rock, and take a large step to your left, so you are standing directly next to a large tree on the side of the trail.
Take a bearing of 126º. “V” signals victory. Reach deep to find your unbirthday present.
If you learn about the forest floor, you have gone too far.