Tennessee Tree  LbNA # 23149

Placed DateJun 10 2006
LocationByrdstown, TN
Found By riverkat
Last Found Jul 22 2009
Hike Distance?

I started a tradition with my family that we would place one letterbox every year we come down to the Amonett family reunion in Byrdstown. This box marks the second year of this tradition. It also marks the first trip down for my son's Great Grandmother. It would be well worth your time to check out the other box(es) we've placed in the area. Look for a box to be placed along the hiking trail at the Cordell Hull birthplace next year (2007).

To find the Tennessee Tree letterbox take 111 to Byrdstown.
At the gas station you will cross Cordell Hull Memorial Drive (W325).
Turn onto Cordell Hull Memorial Drive. On this road you will pass the following places, all of which are on the right side of the road as you travel down the road. If you've looked for my other box in this area (Star Point) these directions will sound similar:
- The Cordell Hull Birthplace
- Bloomington Christian Church
- The Amonett Family Cemetery

Pull off to the side of the road at the Amonett Cemetery iron gate. As you face the cemetary there should be a hill to your left and a white and red chapel to your right. The older graves, which mark the earliest members of my wife's family to move into this part of Tennessee, are located on the right closer to the chapel. Search through those old stones to find J. L. Amonett b.1862 d.1915. You may find as you're looking that the older members of the family used to spell there name with an extra "e" (Amonette - which is of french heritage) somewhere in the last century the last "e" was dropped.

Facing J. L. Amonett's final resting place turn left and take 12 paces to the treeline (2 steps = 1 pace). At the treeline, take 19 paces following the treeline as it starts to curve back to the chapel. At the spot of your 19th pace turn toward the trees and take 5 paces into the woods. Find an old cut stump on the forest floor.

Behind the stump and under a flat rectangular stone is the Tennessee Tree letterbox.

Please rehide well when you're done.

Email me if you find it: art_guru@hotmail.com

Box placed by "Howling Beagle" and family