Walnut Grove Park  LbNA # 23164

Placed DateMay 28 2006
LocationMadison, WI
Found By Middle Sister
Last Found Oct 29 2011
Hike Distance?

Distance: ~1 mile round trip
Difficulty: Easy

**Note: this box had been missing, but now is back in place as of summer 2010. Happy Hunting!**

Getting there:

Walnut Grove park, and the greenway behind it, is located north of West Towne Mall on the west side of Madison. To get to the starting point for the hike, take the Beltline Hwy (Hwy 12/14) to Gammon Rd. Exit Gammon Rd. north. Turn left onto Mineral Point Rd. At the 2nd light, turn right onto Randolph Dr. Randolph Dr. ends at Tree Lane; park somewhere nearby on Tree Lane.


Directly across from Randolph Dr., there is a paved driveway going past the townhouses. Take this path, and continue on it after the pavement ends. You’ll cross the creek (on pavement stones), and then the path turns into a dirt pathway. The path follows the creek.

At the first branch in the path, go right onto the smaller path into the trees.

At the T, go right and cross the stream. (Now the creek is on your left.)

At the T, go left and follow the path the path for quite a while. Ignore the small path that breaks off to your right.

At the crossroads, look ahead and to your right. The box is in the hollow stump.

To return:

You can either re-trace your steps, or else continue forward on the path until you reach the park. To continue, follow the same path that you were originally on straight through the crossroads. Veer right at the fork, and go up the hill. At the crossroads veer left, then go straight. Walk past the bench, and you’ll be in the park. There is a water fountain there and play equipment. If you want to walk home from here, you can follow the road (Westfield) to the right, then take a right at the stop sign at Tree Lane.