Klauers Climb  LbNA # 23168

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Placed DateJun 13 2006
LocationCuster, SD
Found BySingingBees (Attempted)
Last UpdateJun 5 2012


We were on vacation with the Klauers in the wonderful Black Hills. After a fine walk to the top of Harney Peak we thought that all Letterboxers should go and see the world from on top. Now there is another reason to climb most of the way up.
In the saddle where the two trails (#9 and #4) meet, stand facing the trail that will take you to the top. There is a sign on the left side of this trail, a few feet to the left a pine tree and a few more feet two smaller pines with twisted trunks growing from between two rocks. Look in the rocks at the base of these trees.
This LB is all alone up there and may need your help as we may not be back to hike to Harney Peak for some time.