Seuss in a Box #1- The Lorax  LbNA # 23183

Placed DateJun 21 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
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Found By tophersgals
Last Found Apr 3 2012
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This is the first in an ongoing series I am doing called Suess in the Box and is dedicated to my 2 beautiful boys who when they are not wanting to read, and read, and read love to be playing out among the trees- and they love, love, love Seuss. E-mail and let me know your favorite Seuss book and how the Lorax is doing! The clues are below with apologies to Dr. Seuss, though I am sure he would have loved letterboxing!


At the central part of town where the Grickle-Grass grows
and the wind smells sweet when it blows and all the birds sing especially old crows, is the street of College Park Drive.

And deep in the Grickle-Grass some people say if you look deep enough you can see today where the Lorax hides just as long as he may, lest no muggles or creatures lift him away!

Where is the Lorax and in which park do you go? Go ask the Kiwanis, they know!

Find the trail head next to Kabrick, walk down the path and come to a T quick. Don't go left but right on toward the trees.

Oh the trees, the trees, the Truffula Trees, downed on each side of the path and one beautiful leaner as if to nap!

Then under the first bridge listen for the sound of the Humming-Fish humming while splashing around!

Then the path will go right or straight, go on right where a large Truffula-Oak waits. Walk on past a bench on your left, but take the right path with heft.

Another bench you will pass and the second bridge you will spy, and notice the words you read with your eyes. Find the year and add it up for the # of paces to walk on up the trail to a Seussian tree of such graces!

Then turn back toward the bridge, 20 degrees find a not small Truffula that once stood proud and tall. In an instant you are almost finished Ga-Zump! look in the end where you would find the stump.

It's smallish and roundish, and tucked under rocks in some moss, stamp up, re-hide the Lorax well so it is not lost! First finder a prize will be yours and it isn't a thneed, and we all should plant trees, which everyone, everyone, everyone needs!