Enchanted  LbNA # 23194

OwnerCamp Fire Lady    
Placed DateJun 21 2006
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Found By 8 Bare Feet
Last Found Jul 9 2009
Hike Distance?

Once upon a time, a beautiful Lady and a beautiful Maiden set out on a quest to find the Enchanted Forest. They had heard that wonderful and mystical creatures lived there. They mounted their golden steeds and headed off in the direction of the waters of Trillium. After a short rest at the waters, they traveled on to a road of 2656 that they were sure would take them to the Forest. At the area of where they were told was the Enchanted Forest, they saw a horrendous sight. All of the trees had been cut down to mere stumps! "Who could have done such a horrible deed?", cried the beautiful Lady. "It must have been the work of the Wicked Sorceress", explained the beautiful Maiden. "She has been jealous of the wonderous and beautiful mystical creatures that live in the Enchanted Forest and wanted to make sure that they were all destroyed!" "What an awful person to have done such a deed!" exclaimed the beautiful Lady. Just then the beautiful Lady and the beautiful Maiden heard a cry for help. They dismounted their golden steeds on the southwest side of the road and walked in the direction of northeast into what was left of the Enchanted Forest. Finding the 15 foot stump in the middle of the forest, they stood with their back to it with a pine tree on their left and headed in the direction of 240 degrees. Hiding at this stump they found one of the mystical creatures huddled in fear. "Don't be afraid little one", said the beautiful Lady. "Are there more of you still here in this forest?", asked the beautiful Maiden. "Yes", cried the mystical creature, "There is another one of us hiding at a stump over there". The beautiful Lady and the beautiful Maiden headed back to the 15 foot stump and took a direction of 130 degrees to a stump and then a direction of 90 degrees to another stump. There they found another one of the mystical creatures huddled in fear. With a trembling voice the second mystical creature cried, "I have seen a most wonderous creature nearby that we must rescue from the clutches of the awful Wicked Sorceress!" "She is holding him captive in that stump over there at 180 degrees from where you have found me." Quickly the beautiful Lady and the beautiful Maiden made their way to the stump of the Wicked Sorceress and rescued the bonus creature that was unlike the two previous mystical creatures. "We shall wisk you all away before the Wicked Sorceress returns and you shall live with us in our own Enchanted Forest far, far, away!", said the beautiful Lady. So the beautiful Lady and the beautiful Maiden gathered up the 3 wonderous and mystical creatures, mounted their golden steeds and rode off down the mountain past the waters of Trillium to their own Enchanted Forest and they all lived happily ever after. THE END.