Rock Creek #2  LbNA # 232

OwnerGreen Hornet    
Placed DateApr 4 1999
LocationPortland, OR
Found By The Plundering Bunny
Last Found Feb 27 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is part of a series. Rock Creek #1 had a very checkered past and has been retired. For some reason, Rock Creek #2 has escaped theft and vandalsim that plagued the others in this series. It is now one of the grandfathers of the letterbox world.
Must be the neighborhood.

To get to Rock Creek #2 you need to travel west on Hwy 26 to 185th Avenue. Go north on 185th until you nearly reach West Union Rd. As you drive downhill toward the intersection, you will see Bethany Lake Park on your left. There is a small parking lot. Walk along the paved path that is next to the lake. Cross the bridge and begin your search.

"Four walls, a roof, and even a floor,
I look like the others except I've no door.
Beware of Wolves as you search for my site,
My neighbors may fly, but only at night."