First Box  LbNA # 23222 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 23 2006
LocationRio Vista, CA
Found By T,A and G
Last Found Jul 12 2007
Hike Distance?

This is the first of eight letterboxes that will be placed around the city of Rio Vista. Currently I will be starting all clues from the Rio Vista Library, but this may change as I figure out where I'm placing the boxes. On to box #1.

1) Begin at the front doors of the Rio Vista Library (located on 2nd street)

2) Turn left and walk one block to the corner of Main and 2nd

3) Turn right and cross the street. Continue one block to the corner of Main and Front Street. Cross the street.

4) You are now in front of a very good Italian Restaurant. (If it's lunch time pop on in. I highly reccomend the French Dip Sandwich or the Lasagne.) Turn to your left and cross the street.

5) Continue walking about three blocks. You will pass a number of businesses on your right hand side including a bait shop, the Moose Lodge, and a clothing store and a photgraphy gallery. The sidewalk will end you will find yourself walking on a very large dirt lot. There is a row of large bushes straight ahead and the river should be on your right.

**Note, you will be looking in the bushes along the road, not along the river.

4) When you reach the bushes, keep walking on the dirt lot, NOT along the road, until you reach the sixth bush.

5) The box you seek is hidden in the ground level branches under the 6th bush.

**Note, In the summer there are lots of flowers on the bush, so watch for bees if you are allergic.

**Further note: I needed to change my trail name. So, if you saw this same box planted by library_gal, no need to hunt it again, it's the same box. Sorry for the confusion.