Bay Front Path  LbNA # 23238 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 22 2006
CountySan Mateo
LocationFoster City/ Burlingame, CA
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Our letterbox is hidden near the embassy suites in Foster City. Once you get to the Embassy Suites, if the hotel is on your right, you go down about a quarter mile until you see a small parking lot. Pull in. If you are in the right place, you should see a sign that says Bay Front Path, some stone picnic tables and even a fish skinning table. Get onto the path and look out to the bay. You might want to watch some planes go by. looking towards the bay, take the path to the right.

Pass a very slanted tree.
Keep walking for a while.
pass a zig-zag of Stone and wood(you find out what that is)
On your left you'll notice some pipes in the rocks.
pass a crosswalk with four pillars.
pass three scrubby yet beautiful pines.
Then you get to another set of zigzag stone benches.
Look out towards the bay.
there is a group of 2 rocks and the right and a group of 2 on the left.
Look at the ones on the left.
Look at the back of the rocks and remove a smaller rock inbetween them.

This may take about 15 minutes or so to find. have FUN!

150 Anza Blvd
Burlingame, California, United States, 94010
(The Embassy Suites that is next to it)