Eagle  LbNA # 2324 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 28 2003
Location??????, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 26 2008
Hike Distance?

(An Eastern Connecticut mYStery)

The Eagle planted 2/28/03 by Butterfly and Leader of the Pack.
Please replace as found up in its spot after stamping in. Be warned this is a seasonal hunting area and Orange clothes for your protection!
The Eagle Letterbox an Eastern Ct. Mystery
Beavers on a hill Up a slope, pond on right
Beavers in a Brook Red dead stump
Beavers in a pond Just in sight
Look , look, look. Between ,through briar and bump
Park Your car Old stone wall
Plenty of space Follow a ways
Watch the water Big gap in Wall
Cross the dams face Pause here clue says
Hunters in the Fall Right shoulder to the water side
Wear orange on all Facing woodland
You should too Next you’ll stride
If you plan, on Eagle to call. At 1 o’clock
Big brown sign Look you will see
Laws to abide A very stricken tree
Here we started A great big split
When we went to hide . Up inside the Eagle Sits.