The Dykes of Red River  LbNA # 23255

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateJun 24 2006
LocationRed River, NM
Found BySilver Eagle (Attempted)
Last UpdateJul 15 2015

Driving directions: Take Pioneer St. south off of Main St. in Red River. Follow street until you reach the ski parking lot behind the Arrowhead Lodge. Park here.

Hiking directions: At the northwest corner of the parking lot, cross Pioneer Creek on the road near the lodge, then turn left and start hiking up Forest Road 485. Follow this road up the canyon for about 15 minutes - you will pass a ski lift along the way. Walk until you see a sign on your right for the Red River Well Head Protection Area. Just past this, you will see a small stucco building on your left and a debris pile across from it on your right. Climb this debris pile on your right - go past the lower mine entrance - go uphill just a bit farther to an entrance to some mine shaft tunnels. (If you're brave and bring a flashlight, you can check them out!) Stand in the entrance of this upper mine tunnel and face outward. At 130 degrees, you will spot a large forked aspen tree. The box is at the base of the tree under some rocks.

Hike Length: 1.0 miles
Elevation Gain: 100 feet