Pool of Tears  LbNA # 23265

OwnerLeapin' Lizards    
Placed DateMay 31 2003
LocationDelafield, WI
Found By PackerBackers
Last Found Sep 25 2013
Hike Distance?

This box was planted for the 2006 Great Lakes Gathering. It resides in Lapham Peak State Park, which requires either a year pass ($25 for residents) or a day pass ($5 for residents.) It will permanently reside in the park.

Pool of Tears

Alice and the Mouse swam to shore. Soaked from head to two by her tears, Alice picked up a corner of her dress and wrung out the salt water. She would have liked to sit inside the nearby shelter, but it appeared to be occupied. Instead, she softly said to the Mouse, “Do tell me your story,” and began to walk with the small creature around the large pool of tears towards a trail the opposite color of the rabbit that led her into this most peculiar land in the beginning.

Lost in their conversation, the pair didn’t realize they were walking the wrong way as they climbed up and down the path’s rolling hills.

“How peculiar,” Alice said. “Shooting stars in the middle of broad daylight!” Everything about this land was so strange.

They walked a bit more before stopping to sit on a nearby bench on the left.

“Meow.” The soft, low, almost inaudible sound came from a direction behind Alice and the Mouse.

“Dinah?” Alice called.

“CAT!” The Mouse let out a cry of pure terror, scurried off the bench and ran down the hill.

“Mouse! Oh Mouse,” Alice called. Still wanting to know his story, Alice rose quickly and started following him down the path. The toe of her shoe caught a rock, causing her to trip and tumble down the hill.

THUD! She came to a stop at the bottom. Not wanting to loose the Mouse, she got up, brushed off her dress and—this time—briskly walked up the small incline before her. Just before reaching the crest, something moved in the brush to her right. Dinah? The White Rabbit? The Mouse? She decided to investigate and took the small deer path to her left. She fought with the branches and brush, pushing her way deeper into the woods, always staying on the main little path she began following until a tree with a sign told her she could go no further. The sound came again from a tangle of fallen branches to her right. She looked and caught sight of the mouse squeezing his way under the fallen debris and beneath some moss-covered stones.