North Dakota Bound  LbNA # 23271

OwnerThe Cottontails    
Placed DateJun 24 2006
LocationNew London, MN
Found By Gforce6
Last Found Jul 30 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was placed in honor of our cousin Heidi's high school graduation. Heidi and her horse Kate, are heading to North Dakota State University in the fall to study equine management. Well Heidi is anyway, we are not sure what Kate will be she is not very talkative.

From Hwy 23, turn onto State Hwy 9. Turn left on 73rd St., towards the Middle School. Across the street from the Middle School, there is a gravel lot on your left. Park here and then follow the gravel path at the back of the lot. When you get to the paved path, turn right and you will shortly be faced with many options. If you have trouble making decisions, sit on the bench to clear your head. Take the grass path by the bench 30 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) from the paved path, to a woodpecker lunch buffet. Just past this tree is a tree with three trunks, one of which has broken off and has also been visited by many woodpeckers. A hole in the center of these three trunks, facing the path, contains your prize.