The Runaway Bunny: FB I  LbNA # 23274

Placed DateJun 26 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By The Backwards Duo
Last Found Sep 25 2012
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The Runaway Bunny: FB I

This is a series based on an idea from my son to do LBs based on our favorite books. The entire series is as kid friendly as possible in that there is minimal bush whacking and none are to far from trailheads. After all, it was done with kids in mind. However, there is some work involved. To decode the clue to each LB a riddle must be solved. Have no fear, for I have used a simple code and am more than happy to walk anyone through it who has trouble. It is a great introduction to encryptions. To find the answer, you must read the book on which the LB is based. Consider it a bit of a summer reading program. All books are available through the library.

Ok, so you’ve got the book, now what? Well read it. Bonus points if you read it with a youngster. After reading the book, answer the riddle at the beginning of each clue. Each riddle will give you a single word. The code we’ll be using is a Caesar code in which a number is used to ‘bump’ the alphabet. To get the number, simply count the letters in the key word (the answer to the riddle) and ‘bump’ the alphabet.
Here’s an example. Say the key word is ‘bat’. It has three letters so the bump is 3. It helps is you draw out two sets of the alphabet like this.

A B C D E F G H… (plain alphabet)

X Y Z A B C D E …(bumped alphabet)

So if the encrypted clue says YXA simply look above the ‘bumped’ alphabet to see what letter appears. In this case it would reveal BAD.

As always, please be discrete in your LB and prudent in your re-hideation. If other folks are near by, please wait until they’ve gone to snatch the LB. Once snatched, feel free to move away from where it was found to stamp in. When replacing, please replace it as found or better. This means hiding it so well that someone could walk right over it without seeing it. One last thing, when pulling out a freshly found LB, please note how it was hidden, especially regarding rocks. These containers are a bit flimsy and the sidewalls crack easily. If rocks are on/around it, please replace as found and do so gently. Also, these LBs are BYOI (Bring Your Own Ink). One last item. Some of these LBs are hidden in close relation to others, so I suggest working out all the clues before beginning your adventure to prevent multiple trips to any one locale.

Whew! On to the clues.

Pick up ‘The Runaway Bunny’ by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Clement Hurd.

Here is your riddle. When the bunny becomes a crocus, what kind of garden is he in?


Park in the lot and find the trail running east downhill from the eastern side of the shelter. The trail will split, but stay left. Follow it to the footbridge and cross. Once over, take the trail left past the bench and follow it to a second bench. Standing at the back of the bench go 85º 7 paces to an old stump. What you seek is inside.

Please be discrete in your Letterboxing and prudent in your re-hideation.