Diary of a Worm: FB VI  LbNA # 23279

Placed DateJun 26 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By The Skittle Monkeys
Last Found Aug 25 2012
Hike Distance?

Diary of a Worm: FB VI

To learn more about this series, check the first one, The Runaway Bunny: FB I. It will layout the idea behind the series and other important details.

Pick up the book ‘Diary of a Worm’ by Doreen Cronin with pictures by Harry Bliss.

How many steps are involved in making a macaroni necklace?


Begin in the parking lot and head down to the south west corner. Follow the wood line south and find a trail on the right. Take it into the woods and quickly cross a small wooden bridge. As soon as you step off the far side of the bridge, take a hidden secret trail immediately to the right. This trail will go up a gentle hillside, away from the creek. Take 44 paces from the bridge and you should find a large downed tree just to your left. Go 350º 14 paces to an old downed fence and just over it a downed log laying perfectly north/south. From the south end go 285º 3 ½ paces and find another large downed log which is split open in the middle. Your LB is in the hollow of the log. Reach in to the right.

Please be discrete in your Letterboxing and prudent in your re-hideation and contact me after you’ve found this LB.