lost clothing  LbNA # 2329 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 6 2003
LocationFairfax Station, VA
Found By K&K
Last Found Mar 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Where: Burke Lake Park

This is an easy hike for adults ~1.7 miles each way.

1 pace = 2 steps

Directions To Burke Lake Park:
From I495 the beltway Exit 54A stay in the right hand lane on the exit to get to Braddock Road west. On Braddock RD get in the left hand lane this will turn into the turn lane for Burke Lake road. Take a left on Burke Lake Road drive several miles and take a left on Ox Rd. The park entrance is on the left. Follow signs to the marina/boat launch and park in the parking lot for the boat launch.

*Starting at the bathrooms. Follow the dirt path counter-clock wise around the lake. It will take you out to the peninsula, great place to sit on the bench and watch the water or have a picnic at the green picnic table.

*Continuing on that path around the lake you will pass a bright playground off to your right (seen in winter). Shortly after, this old dirt path will connect back up with the main trail. Go left ~20 feet.

*This is at the State boat launch, w/ gravel parking lot.

*From the wooden posts (to prevent cars from driving on trail) take the paved trail continue walking counter-clock wise about 20 minutes.

*You will pass over a dam stay on the gravel trail to the left, going back into the woods and continuing around the lake.

*When trial will take a hard left, ~90 degrees turning towards the lake down hill. The trail splits here and goes on either side of ~6 trees so bikers and joggers and walks don't run into each other at the corner.

* Stop.

*Follow the trail less traveled, bearing 0 degrees or N. Follow this path threw a hard wood forest (what you were walking threw around the lake) and then into a pine forest. When this was placed I stepped over 14 logs on this trail.

*At the 15th log or at the edge of the woods you will come to clearing. If you see a big lighting struck tree in the middle you are in the right clearing.

*Standing on the 15th log or at the tree line take 40 paces across the clearing at a bearing of 65 degrees.

The field is not flat. Please be careful and watch for holes, hidden logs, and dirt clumps.

*You will come to a 4 in 1 tree. This tree has a chain and metal bar that appear to be growing from it. Inside the tree, next to the plastic thing, under some sticks and a carpet of leaves is what you seek.