Gates Mills III : The Little Church in the Vale  LbNA # 23302

Placed DateJun 27 2006
Location610 Chagrin River Road, Gates Mills, OH 44040, OH
Found By Blaze
Last Found Sep 17 2014
Hike Distance?

Hiking time: about 1/2 hour
Necessities: Boots if it rained recently, insect repellent
Possible hazards: Mosquitoes, poison ivy, flooding.

Take I-271 to the Mayfield East exit. Heading east on Mayfield Road (traffic light heaven!), you will go through three more traffic lights after the 322/91 intersection. The fourth light is at the bottom of the hill, at Chagrin River Road: Turn left here. You are now on the north side of the village of Gates Mills, and after heading north for about a mile, you will come to a 3-way stop sign. Immediately after you stop, you will see a church on your left, at 610 River Road. Turn left into the drive and park towards the back of the parking lot.

If you walk to the northwest corner of the parking lot, you will see a faint trail into the woods. Step over the large log and begin hiking in a westerly direction, bearing to the left to avoid the “bear trap.”

After a few minutes you will notice that you can hear the Chagrin River flowing to your right; veer to the right and down so that you are walking upstream along the river on sandy soil. The path narrows and passes through a cut in a large fallen tree. Keep walking; you will soon come to a tree, approximately 10" in diameter, which has fallen across the trail. After stepping over the tree, turn towards your left and walk about 24 single paces until you reach a forked tree. Look in the hollow formed below the "V" for the letterbox.

After stamping in, please replace the logbook in the ziplock bag, zipping it tight, and please replace the letterbox lid all the way.

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed this quest. :~)