The Storybook Ending Letterbox  LbNA # 23305 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 20 2006
LocationAruba, ARU
Planted ByCMN & A    
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This letterbox was placed in commemoration of Chris and Mary's honeymoon on the island of Aruba, 3 days after their wedding in Connecticut.

During our attempt to find Psychomommy's "In a pinch in Aruba" box, in 90 degree heat with very high humidity, we decided that we would leave our box in the same vicinity we thought her box was in because the view of the sea and sea wall itself was absolutely beautiful. We cheated a bit and had to use Psychomommy's clues to start because we didn't know where we really were. We got out of our taxi at Amsterdam. At #3273 look across the street and go to #1600 with a divi tree directly behind it. Facing #1600 turn 90 degrees to the left. Take 23 steps (my wife's gait) and reach another divi tree. Turn towards the beach and take 12 steps into the bushes. You will see a small arch at knee level with a pile of stones at the base. Remove several stones to find the ending to the story. Please recover well with stones and shubbery so that no part of the box can be seen. Area seems to be very popular or a hangout of some sort. Police were patrolling the area as well while we were looking for "In a pinch". Take good care of this box as we can't do any maintenance, atleast not yet! Good luck!