Rails to Trails-Highway 2 & Whalebone  LbNA # 23330 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 26 2006
LocationKalispell, MT
Found By Montana Lucky
Last Found Aug 3 2011
Hike Distance?

*status: June 2009--damaged, being replaced*

To get to this part of Rails to Trails you can use one of two routes:

1. Drive to the end of Whalebone and park on the right and start down the path that way. **OR**

2. Head west on Highway 2 (out of Kalispell, heading towards Kila). Turn left right after mile marker 116 (turning onto Whalebone).

Either way that you arrive at the start head east (back twoards Kalispell). This is our favorite part of Rails to Trails, so pretty in the trees and by the creek. Walk for a good bit until you come to the first bench on the right. Turn so the creek and bench are to your back. Look across the trail and to the left for a big rock. It is a small bit off the trail. There are two small logs behind the rock. The box is hidden under the second log and covered with some bark and leaves. Please let me know how these directions are. My husband thought they were hard, but my 6 year old (who has letterboxing experience) found it right away. Have fun!