St. Augustine View (MISSING)  LbNA # 23332 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 18 2006
LocationKissimmee, FL
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Apr 14 2007
Hike Distance?

** This box has been found by the hotel staff. We are currently trying to work with them to have it replaced! please send them some encouragement,we now live 800 miles away from it, Keith Salwoski is the person who has it. thanks!! (5-06-07)**

This box is located in one of the best resorts that I have ever been to. If you are around Kissimmee (near Disney) then this is a easy one to drop in and check out. It's located inside the Gaylord Palms Resort. A place known for its extravagant interior escapes into the Everglades, Key West, and St. Augustine.
First to find the resort just check it out on Mapquest or any hotel/resort finder. It's pretty easy to find. Off of the Osceola Parkway it's hard to miss. It is the biggest building around. Once you go to the entrance, go passed the lobby entrance/valet parking and you will come to some gates. Get a ticket from the machine (parking is really cheap sorry no visitors spots) make the VERY next right just after the gate and park in that lot. It's a little bit of a walk back to the entrance in the direction you just came from. Be careful not to go into the bus drop off entrance the lobby is the next one and clearly marked LOBBY ENTRANCE.
Once in the lobby area go straight through the front desk will be on your left. You will a HUGE room with a glass ceiling. Go straight in. Find the information/map tower right as you go in through the lobby and in front of the waterfall. Walk right to see the everglades section and left to see Key West and find the box. Follow the walkway and turn right into the Castillo de San Marcos. (A replica of the castle in St. Augustine) go straight toward the center of the castle and continue straight through. On the opposite side you will find a single staircase. Go up to the top level and turn right 180 degrees. You will see a large T.V. screen hanging from the market square. Walk straight towards it. Go until you get to the white railing. Follow the railing to the left and into the plants. You will find the box right up against the bottom of the railing under some large orchid leaves. Stamp, sign, and take a few minutes to look at how amazing this indoor place of outdoors is.