Entomology  LbNA # 23333

Placed DateJun 29 2006
LocationVictor, MT
Found By bitterrootgirl
Last Found Jun 28 2013
Hike Distance?

This box is dedicated to 4H Entomology. On Highway 93 travel south to Tucker Crossing fishing access, 3 miles south of Victor, MT . Tucker Crossing was once a series of bridges that connected highway 93 and Eastside Highway. The Tucker family owned a large farm in this area and for a long time the "Tucker Barn" stood watch over highway 93. Rubble from the bridges and a small shed are all that is left from this large farm. This access is a very popular portage spot for fishermen ,also a Geocache has been hidden here now, so don't "bug" them (this means that you need to be discrete when finding and hiding these boxes).

Clue 1- Park at the parking area at the fishing access. While you are facing south look for 3 big cottonwood logs. The letterbox is there under the first log closest to the river. This is your bug jar.

Clue 2- Argia Violacea are often found flying around slow moving streams. When they fly they make a very distictive humming sound. From the log with box 1 with the nails in it walk North East about 24 paces to a stump with wild roses growing in it. The box is hidden with a rock.

Clue 3- Apis Mellifera eat nectar (sugary water) and pollen (yellow protein powder) which are made by flowers. Winnie the Pooh likes to follow them to hollow trees. Head downstream to find the proper tree to house this kind of insect. Reach into the hollow and find the box, behind a rock, but watch out for arachnids.

Clue 4- Danaus Plexippus this young example of this species feeds on milkweed. When it changes it has the ability to migrate 2000 miles every autumn. Find this box behind the "Tucker Crossing Fishing Access Site" sign. When you are facing the sign look behind the aspen tree directly behind the left post of the sign. These are at home with leaves and greenery.

Clue 5- Coccinella Septempunctata some people have claimed that the bright (red on black, or black on red) colors of some adult insects are aposematic, which is to say that the colors warn would-be predators that the beetles are distasteful or toxic. At the boat launch locate the fence, proceed on the north side and count 15 posts to find what you want.