Tree Ducks for Breakfast  LbNA # 23339 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2006
LocationAlbemarle, NC
Planted Bycrawling kavs    
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**UPDATE: construction of a new parking lot has destroyed the resting home of this letterbox. The box could not be found.**

Begin by fueling up. If it is the AM, stop by the Goody Shop (Main Street) and enjoy one of Hugh’s fantastic omelettes and a diet cheerwine from a glass bottle. Be sure to get a smile from Debbie and save your toast for later. If it is early PM (before 2) and breakfast isn’t your thing, then it must be a hamburger from Hink’s Grill (W. Main Street). You won’t be sorry.

The quest begins at the latter’s closest flashing light on your way back to town. Stop if red, turn left if green. ALTERNATIVELY, if Goody was good to you, head west and on the third flasher, stop if red, turn right if green. Either way, nevermind the sign for rabbits, just follow your love onto 73.

Pass the worldly goods flags and every 16 year old’s first step into independence.

Remark at the green trees, but don’t spend too much time admiring their beauty or you will miss the true treasure. As the road narrows, so does the focus on the prize. Where the crest is held between two brick posts, turn left. Enter if after 7am or before 9pm. (If you have missed the mark, make your way to the ‘town lagoon gathering’ or something to that effect.)

Soon, it will be time to ditch the car and set off on foot. In life there is always two paths, follow the rules of the road and head up the right side. When the water fills your eyes, find a place and depart your car—don’t forget the toast.

Way to go trooper, the easy part is through.

Now is the time to caste your eyes out over the home of the true inhabitants. Walk on water and peer out where many spend hours in hopes of dinner delight. If the patrons are demanding, pay the toll, your toast will suffice. You will have a friend for life and four partners on your quest. Don’t get caught with this line, duck and escape the hook, for now it is time to find the child in us all.

Make your way up, counting the number of inclines, an unusual lucky number for you. Slide through the maze on woodchips. Stop and take a moment. When play time is through, the mission must continue. Quick question: did you have a swinging good time? If so, while looking at the water, continue to the left following the bank until your path is parted by trees. Walk where others have tread before you.

Make your way through the forest and when you come out on the other side, check the branches in the water for sun-bathing turtles. Start walking to your left. Continue to the big rock. Contemplate the founding fathers/mothers landing upon Plymouth Rock. You are an adventurer and discoverer just like them.

Carry on to the left and return to the open sky and field. You should be in a familiar place. With your back to the mer and this time on foot, follow the green by remaining on the side of the path not earlier chosen in life. Your walk is short, so be on the lookout.

A circle of plants and rocks is in front of you. Join the rocks. Remember, remember not the 5th of November but the number of inclines. Take that number of paces with your back still to the water. You are closer than what you think. Reach down and examine the large rock. When you have successfully reached the target of the solitary City Lake Park rock, you will receive your handsome reward.

You earned it!!!