Resting in Peace  LbNA # 23344 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2006
LocationRio Vista, CA
Found By NancyAnne & Doug
Last Found Mar 11 2007
Hike Distance?

As promised, I've planted another box here in Rio Vista. This one is some distance away from the First Box letterbox and is a beautiful walk down a tree-lined street.

Walk: Easy
Level of Difficulty: Easy to find
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes - but I'm still learning, so it's not very well done.

I will offer two sets of clues to follow depending on your starting point.

If you start at the Rio Vista Library:

1) From the entrance to the library turn right and turn right again on Montezuma street.

2) You will walk down three blocks to seventh street. Along the way be sure to stop and admire the architectural beauty of St. Joseph's catholic church and the River Delta Unified School District headquarters building. Here you can also stop for a picnic lunch in the city park, or (if you are letterboxing with children) stop for a swim in the city pool (small fee) or play on the playground equipment.

3) When you reach the T intersection at 7th and Montezuma, turn left on Seventh Street.

4) Make a left on Main Street and continue walking 1.5 blocks North/Northwest remaining on the left side of the street.

5) Here you will come to a wide expanse of lawn, which is a city park. It is also known as the Chinese cemetary because a group of 29 Chinese were allegedly buried there following a steamboat accident in 1865. Don't worry, I've not planted this box at an active cemetary. It is also a city park.

6) Walk along the chain link fence until you come to the park entrance. Walk approximately 100 steps (based on a 5 ft. 6 in. person) to the back fence. Turn left and walk another approximately 22 steps to the end of the ivy.

7)What you seek is hidden at the end of this ivy. Please seal the bag well as I think they water the lawn in the early morning hours and I don't know if the sprinklers reach the ivy or not.

If you are starting out from First Box:

1) Retrace your steps back to Main Street.

2) Head North/Northwest up Main Street - going away from the River.

3)You will walk this direction about 7.5 blocks. Along the way there are many interesting shops and a very good pizza parlor.

4) Once you reach a chainlink fence in front of a wide expanse of lawn, you are in the right place. Follow steps 6 and 7 above and you will find what you seek.

Have fun and happy hunting.