A Place in the Sun  LbNA # 23355

Placed DateJun 24 2006
LocationMadison, WI
Found By TurtleMcQ
Last Found Jul 6 2014
Hike Distance?

There’s a fabled terrace in Madison where you can sit at colorful chairs and tables to savor locally made ice cream or a cold beer while watching the boats sail by. When the last of your chosen indulgence has been consumed, watch those boats a few moments longer and then follow the lakefront path to the left until it turns to dirt and your surroundings become more wooded.

After you pass stairs on your left, look for a rust-colored half-oval grate covering a hole in the ground to your left. With your back to the lake and your right foot at the grate, step behind the trees to your left. Walk ten steps to a massive three-trunked tree then look in the space where the trunks form an alcove. Please be discreet in your search as this path is heavily traveled; you may want to go back to the bench you’ve just passed to stamp in.

When you’re done , please squeeze the air out of the baggies and reseal tightly, fit the box lid on snugly and rehide the box itself with care, covering it over with appropriate woodland debris so that it can’t be seen by casual observers. If there’s snow on the ground, take care to create footprints in lots of other places so that your tracks don’t lead others directly to the box. Thank you!