Horse Pond Mountain Series  LbNA # 23363

Placed DateJul 1 2006
LocationRingwood, NJ
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Horse Pond Mountain Series (2)
Placed 07/01/06
Ringwood, NJ, Passaic County

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Difficult
Orientation: Difficult
Time: 2 - 3 hours

Park at the end of Lake Riconda Drive, which is off of Stonetown Road in Ringwood.

While the trails are blazed adequately, due to lack of use some of the trails are not obvious. This makes for difficult orientation especially in the beginning.
This is a demanding series requiring multiple climbs.

Wingfoot BONUS Clue
During this hike enterprising letterboxers may be able to find something dedicated to a hiker. If you do, email me with the hiker's name and the name of this series as the title of the email, and you can ask me any one yes or no question about any one of my Mystery Letterboxes (obviously the answer is not to be shared). This Wingfoot BONUS clue may expire at any time.


At the end of Lake Riconda Road is a telephone pole that has two blazes on it, the blue diamond Highlands Trail and the red triangle Stonetown Circular. Go to the left of the telephone pole picking up the merged trail, which I値l simply refer to as the red trail. Red trail will shortly begin to climb Harrison Mountain. You値l eventually notice power line off to the right of the trail. Soon you値l come to a clearing that the power lines cross. Pick up red trail on the other side of the clearing. After a brief decent you値l do another much shorter climb. You値l eventually come to a tree that indicates to make a right for the Highlands Trail and three white blazes indicating the start of the Horse Pond Mountain trail. From that blazed tree go 13 paces at 160 degrees. There値l be a large rock to the left, and a hole made by a fallen tree. To the right of the rock is a smaller rock, underneath it, in the front is another rock and under that is what you seek.

Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.


Go back and take the right picking up the blue diamond Highland Trail/ white blazed Horse Pond Mountain Trail, simply referred to as the white trail. White trail will begin to descend and then will cross a small stream. Shortly the trail will then take a left on to a woods road. White trail will begin to climb woods road and then there will be blazes indicating to take the white trail off the right of the woods road. White trail will begin climbing. You値l eventually come to a clearing, continue on white trail. White trail will pass the start of the yellow blazed Burnt Meadow Trail. Stay on white trail and you値l shortly come to a viewpoint. Enjoy the view and when done locate the campfire near the middle of the trail. From campfire go 14 paces at 320 degrees to a rock outcrop. Underneath it, under another rock is what you seek.

Please hide box completely hidden from view after stamping in.

Return the way you came. You can do this series as a point to point hike by parking a second vehicle at the parking area near where Greenwood Lake Turnpike and East Shore Road meet.