Peace Valley Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 23399

Placed DateJul 2 2006
LocationMontville, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Peace Valley Hitchhiker Hostel
Montville, NJ, Morris County
Placed by Wingfoot on 07/2/06
Clues: Easy
Terrain: Gravel Road

NOTE: New Peace Valley Letterbox Stamp added 6/13/08. Please do not remove Peace Valley stamp as it is the box stamp and not a hitchhiker.

Please only take a hitchhiker if you are leaving one.

This is a different sort of letterbox; it may not be for everyone. First, itís a hitchhiker hostel, so it should always contain a hitchhiker in addition to the Peace Valley stamp. Second, itís a drive up location, so you are stopping to stamp into this box along a gravel road. This road is almost never used, but it is used nonetheless. So some caution is advised. You may want to have a map or something handy to make it look like you stopped to check it if somebody does happen to come along. Third, the direction Iím giving are for folks coming in from Pine Brook Road going north, they wonít work if you come in the opposite direction. And fourth, this is a road rally box in that the clues youíll be following you will do while driving, so itís recommended to have a driver and passenger that is looking out for the clue locations. Additionally and unfortunately some illegal dumping has taken place along the road.

Please only take a hitchhiker if you are leaving one.

To get to this location youíll come in on Pine Brook Road in Montville heading north. When you come to Peace Valley Road on the right take it. There are several houses at the beginning of this road. When the houses end, so will the pavement, as this road now becomes a gravel road.

Youíll notice to the right Great Piece Meadows. This is a great floodplain that has been recently acquired by the Army Corps of Engineers so that it always stays in its natural state. Great Piece Meadows comprises some 4000 acres. There are no marked hiking trails here that I know of. There are coyotes living here and recently a bear has been spotted in the area. Supposedly a bigfoot family was sited in this area as well. You can read about that here:

The planter of this letterbox has neither seen nor reported bigfoots. Or would it be bigfeet?

Continuing along the gravel road youíll eventually come to two glacial erratics right next to each other along the right side of the road. A short distance down the road on the right is an even larger glacial erratic. Continuing down the gravel road eventually youíll come to three glacial erratics along the left side of the gravel road. Behind the middle one, underneath a rock is what you seek.

Please only take a hitchhiker if you are leaving one.

After stamping in please rehide box where you found it, completely hidden from view.

The road continues on so you donít have to turn around to get out.