Puppy Hugs, Dog Face, Bone Picker  LbNA # 23400

Placed DateJul 2 2006
LocationVancouver, WA
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Sep 6 2007
Hike Distance?

Pupp took her little girl, the Tankinator, on a short hike to the Nature Preserve donated in memory of Henry Biddle.

From the Fish Hatchery parking lot, go west through the big rocks keep going forward on the dirt path. Standing between the big stumps, before you is a six trunked tree. In the middle is the DOG HUGS LETTERBOX. Tank is good at giving these.

Back to the big rocks.

Taking the other trail away from the road, go two stumps down (I think). Two feet (or so) from the second stump, On the trailside at the base of a five trunked tree lies the DOG FACE LETTERBOX. Tank has such a cute little puppy face.

Stay to the left on the bridge, up the hill, past the classic "Scooby Doo Spooky" tree, down hill, back up a little, Cedar tree on the right side of trail, East side of tree (maybe), back from the side you are standing on if you didn't have to look back for Tank who was taking a pee on a snake, in the root cranny. There lives the BONE PICKER LETTERBOX.

Around and round, over some more bridges, across muddy waters, runs the little yellow piddle pup who turned BLACK from playing in the mud under the bridge. How many sticks can you carry back to the van without getting caught by the ranger? Twenty or more. Pick one up, drop it for a bigger one. Over and over again. Make sure it's pointy for running by hikers with shorts. In in the end, only one made it. One, muddy, slimy, bug infested, rotting stick full of puppy slobber that got thrown out as we were leaving.

Happy boxing.