Hershey's State  LbNA # 23447

Placed DateJul 4 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By Steph7
Last Found Nov 1 2014
Hike Distance?


RISK: low

EXTRA TIPS: This is Random’s first time to hand carve his own stamp. He was trying to make a Hershey’s candy bar and it came out pretty well, for a first time. He checks his letterboxing email often, so if you have an extra moment to send him a status note, he would really love it. : )

This box is near Maroney Park in Nacogdoches. If you are going during June and July (when school is out), the city pool is also open, right in the same area, using the same parking lot. So perhaps you would want to make an afternoon of it, going letterboxing and have a swim, too.
Rates are very cheap, 50 cents for young kids and $1.00 for teens, and $2.00 for adults (I think). Lifeguards are on duty.

There is also a WONDERFUL playground, with shaded picnic tables, available all year. If you are boxing with kids today, this park is a great place for a picnic snack.

Bathrooms are only "fair", not fantastic. : (


In Nacogdoches, go to the City Pool/Maroney Park, near the high school. As you pull into the driveway for the parking lot, turn left immediately and park at that end of the parking lot. Look up the hill, to the left of the tennis courts, and you'll see a picnic table. Go up towards there.

Pass the tennis courts -- note a second picnic table, and two pieces of old-looking exercise equipment.

Beginning of the trail is just past the tennis courts and the exercise equipment. At the very beginning of the trail is a large pine tree (on the right side of the trail), with a second smaller non-pine tree growing right beside it.

From those trees, walk along the trail just five steps.

Look into the woods on your right, and there is another big pine tree in the woods, almost on the edge of the woods on the other side. The letterbox is at the bottom of that tree. Careful of the greenbriar, but there was not poison ivy on the day we placed the box.

Please come onto the trail and find the box from that angle, rather than approaching from the outside on the other side by the tennis courts, so that people will be less likely to notice you and wonder what you are doing going into the woods from that unusual entry point. Thank you very much for your discretion. You could go back to the picnic tables to stamp in comfortably.

Another letterbox, Krewe d'etat, is also on this same trail, at the other end. You could start at either one, walk the whole trail, and finish with the other one! : )

Thanks for looking!