FDR - Campobello International Park  LbNA # 23451

OwnerKeltic Kara    
Placed DateJul 4 2006
CountyNew Brunswick, CAN
LocationCampobello International Park, Campobello Island, NBR
Found By Taphophile
Last Found Aug 26 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

Roosevelt Campobello International Park
Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada
(easily reached via the International Bridge from Lubec, Maine)
Distance: Approximately 1 mile round trip
Terrain: Relatively easy, though not wheel-chair accessible

Find out more about Roosevelt Campobello International Park (including diresction) at www.fdr.net. Please note, unless you live on Campobello Island, a boarder crossing is involved in finding this stamp. Make sure to travel with the appropriate identification (driver’s license, passport, etc) and be aware that some items are not allowed across the boarder (firearms, certain meats and other foods).

Your search begins at the western end of the Visitor’s Center parking lot. During the summer season, a sign identifies the Friar’s Head trail head (off-season signs may be down). Explore the visitor’s center first, as park staff have created a self-guided trail brochure for this trail.


Down the green brown trail
Through spruces red and white
Lower limbs have perished
For lack of dear sunlight

On trees see gray green lichen
Some call it “old man’s beard”
Cross two bridges, and ‘tween a two-track
The original road through here

Now see the stately aspen
Light gray bark and quaking leaves
Across the wooden pathway
‘Ore small, seasonal streams

Watch now for an old grove
Of apples bent and bold
Gone wild in the forest
Sown by settlers of old

Be now on the lookout
The trail curves to the right
By majestic near-twin spruces
Reaching high to soaring heights

Ahead, ‘bout 50 footfalls
Green rail and track you’ll discover
Back to the curve, yes 50 steps
You’ve a letterbox to uncover

Facing those twin spruces
Curve now to the left
On right grove of smaller spruces
On an incline, roots form small clefts

Those trees, I tell you now
Are near 10 steps away
Explore a large one toward the right
Under rocks, ‘tween roots this box lay


Enjoy, and please repack and rehide well. It’s worth continuing another third of a mile or so along the trail to Friar’s Head. You’ll find an observation deck and, in season, interpretive panels. From here, you may choose to return to the parking lot one of three ways: 1) backtrack along the trail the way you came; 2) return along the shore (tide-permitting); 3) follow the road from Friar’s Head to the hand pump and trail.

If you have the chance, please report on the status of this box via the “contact the placer” function on letterboxing.org.