Hog Island Series  LbNA # 23455

Placed DateJun 17 2006
LocationBremen, ME
Found By siobhan dijon
Last Found Jul 29 2006
Hike Distance?

The Audubon Society owns Hog Island, conducts a number of summer programs there, and maintains two moorings for visitors. Visit http://www.maineaudubon.org/explore/camp/hi_overview.shtml for more information about the Society, Island, and programs.

The Audubon buildings occupy the northeast nub of the island which is connected to the main part of the island by a large isthmus near the head of Long Cove. There are trails circling just this nub, and trails circling the main part of the island. A full circumnavigation of the island’s perimeter trail is a little longer than 3 miles, and the circuit around the northeast nub about half a mile. The boxes in this series are on the nub, but we highly recommend circling the entire island. There is only one logbook for the series, in the first box and the stamp in this box serves as a frame for the remaining 3 stamps.

Beginning at the Audubon Camp office, proceed south along the eastern shore. Once past the cottages an arrow marks the beginning of the trail. Follow the trail to a view of Muscongus Bay with Crotch Islands, Jims Island, and Cow Island close, and Cranberry, Black, Harbor, Hall, and Thief islands in the distance, all framed by rock and spruce. Continue along the trail through a stand of spruce before the trail comes back to the shore and an opportunity to go out onto the rocks. A rock marks the beginning of the cut-through to the shore and it is 5 paces from this rock to the next one in the trail. From this second rock 24 paces along the trial is a moss-covered rock on the left. (This is the first time since the stand of spruce that rocks have flanked both sides of the trail.) The Hog Island box containing the first stamp and the log for the series is under this rock.

From the first box 47 paces along the trail is an opening to go down to the rocky shore, 6 paces beyond this is another, more obvious, such opening which brings you to a wide expanse of rock and another seaward view. Once out on the rocks, look to the right for a spruce whose trunk snakes over the rocks. Reach to the left in the crevice under the rock to the right of this serpentine trunk for the Hog Island Vista box.

To reach the third box, return to the trail and follow it until it has bent west along the southern shore of the nub. Along this part of the trail is a beach covered in periwinkle shells and from which white ledges make out on both sides. There is a second, longer, white ledge beyond to the right. Under the roots to the left of the bush at the base of this longer ledge, hidden behind a few small rocks, is the Hog Island Shell box.

The fourth box is along the trail running east of Long Cove, under the second cut stump in the trail north of the intersection between the nub-circling trail and the main island trail; the stump is 16 paces south of the “To Camp” sign on this section of the trail.