Hikin' the Hood  LbNA # 23482

Placed DateJul 4 2006
LocationPortland, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 14 2016

This box is meant to commemorate my efforts to get into shape for my first backpacking adventure. Knowing that I wasn’t in the best of shape, I loaded up my pack and walked the streets of my neighborhood, taking advantage of the public stairs that are found all along the Alameda Ridge. This is a slightly shortened version of my three mile training trek.

NOTE: missing 9/2010

Along the way, you will encounter two landscaped islands in a sea of asphalt. One is at NE 39th and Wistaria, where you will begin your hunt and the other one is home to this tiny letterbox. Look beneath weathered wood.

This area is highly public and I expect that the box may not last long but please make every effort to be inconspicuous. A camera might make you look less suspicious. For full effect, do this with a thirty-five pound pack on your back.

ºHead down the 39th hill toward huge old lindens and turn left at the stop sign.

ºFollow this road until it ends at the foot of a staircase. Go up and turn right at the top.

ºFollow this road until you reach an intersection with five choices.

ºHead for the street with the tall evergreen and a white picket fence. Just beyond this fence you will find another staircase to descend. I won’t make you go back up and then down again like I do at this point. Just continue along the street at the bottom.

ºWalk toward a metal staircase and a fellow in a wheelchair on the right. In the corner between chain link and wood, wend your way through a little alleyway to the next street.

ºAt this point, don’t go postal. Turn back toward the ridge and another set of public stairs. Go up, turning left at the top.

ºAs the road turns left, on the right you will find some more stairs to climb. Once again, turn left at the top. When given a choice, walk between walls of river rock.

ºAt the next intersection go left to the next corner where you descend between walls of lava rock. Make a hard right at the stop sign.

ºContinue on the right side of this street, never crossing the road, until you find a stop sign beside (surprise!) another new set of stairs to climb. Up you go.

ºAt the top, veer slightly left toward the house with the red tile roof. Turn left at the next corner and cross to the north side of the street.

ºContinue across the next intersection, following the sidewalk around to the right, past a trio of birches.

ºAt the next corner, turn left continuing west until you reach another house on the right with a red tile roof. At this point go left until you reach a yield sign.

ºTurn right here and walk until you reach the starting point.