Roots Beneath Your Boots  LbNA # 23495

Placed DateJul 3 2006
LocationCheyenne, WY
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Sep 23 2012
Hike Distance?

**5/3/2008: Box confirmed alive, but inside was completely soaked (logbook fine, fortunately). Please be sure to DOUBLE WRAP logbook, be sure the box snaps shut **fully closed** AND that the pieces of bark are replaced on top for weather protection and so that it's invisible from view.**


I’ve combined two classic images of Wyoming into one hand-carved stamp image in a fun park worth exploring in Cheyenne just off of I-25. If you just go to the box and back, it’s 1/2-3/4 mile of flat, paved, kid and wheel friendly walking, round trip. If you do the full loop, it’s probably just about a mile.

Those looking for boxes in the "The Lincoln Highway" series along I-80 will find this box to meet the criteria.

This is a terrific park to take a break, have a picnic, let the kids and animals blow off some steam, and maybe grab a nap - like I did! In summer you can rent paddle boats or fish (with proper license) but swimming isn't allowed.

Handmade journal also, but due to box size, no ink or pen.

From I-25 take exit # 12 (Central Avenue), then head east for a short distance until you see the sign for Lyons Park on the south side of Central Avenue (right turn onto Kennedy coming from I-25). Follow the signs to Frontier Days Old West Museum at the intersection of Carey Lane and Lions Park Street.

Link for Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo:

Future Dates:
July 23-Aug. 1, 2010
July 22-31, 2011
July 20-29, 2012

Link for Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum:
(Admission charge for adults, free for kids 12 and under. See website for open hours. Free parking EXCEPT during Frontier Days. The info you need for this box is outside, not inside the museum.)

Near the Museum Store entrance…
One, two, buckle my shoe
Take a gamble and wander over
Above the buckle is a clock
The time nearly sounds like a cowboy movie!

(In fact it is: Gary Cooper, 1952)

What is the name of this artwork? _____ ________ ____.

A) Take the number in the title, then add one to it:___ (You’ll need this later.)

Round the time on the clock to the nearest hour __ : 00. Now take off the last zero and you should have a 3-digit number, which is your bearing…once you walk far enough away from all that metal, which might interfere with your compass.

Walking to the other side of the parking lot on this bearing will take you to a classic Wyoming symbol that can be found on the state’s license plates. Cheyenne Frontier Days claims to be the “World's Largest Outdoor Rodeo & Western Celebration” and you can see the stadium where it’s held every year from this statue.

B) Find the plaque called “Daddy of ‘em All – A Cheyenne Tradition.” Find the year this plaque was placed for the 100th Annual Cheyenne Frontier Days. _______ (not the date on the sculpture itself!)

C) Remove (poof –gone) the first two digits from this date so you just have the last two remaining ones.___. Now subtract from this the number of legs the horse has for the answer to C. ___You’ll need this later, also.

Now look east across the road you used to arrive. You’ll need to make your way to the park on the other side - Either by continuing to walk a short distance, or returning to your car and driving over.

***These are the clues for the original box. You’ll have to continue past it for the new box:

Find the pond (not the larger lake) with a gazebo in this park. From the north side of the pond, make your way The Fun Way using the stones and wooden dock-like path to the gazebo. About halfway across the pond you should find a sign with the name of this letterbox.

Near the gazebo, find a duck that faces a large 4-trunked cottonwood tree. Duck under (quack!) the side of these trees which faces the statue you visited earlier. There are two hidey holes at the base of the tree here. The lower hole is the deeper one and where you’ll find your prize, buried under pine cones and rocks.

For the New Box:

Continue on around the pond, through a section of the Botanical Gardens, heading southward until you get to the paved path that goes around the larger lake. Stay on this main paved path all the way to the letterbox.

After a bit you’ll start passing trees with numbers and signs next to them which are part of the Tree Walk. The numbers start out large and all of a sudden get smaller. Find the one with the number in A, above.

Continue past it until you find a place to sit which memorializes someone who might also be called this name…ahem, since I’m using her as a clue in the letter box ;-p. Her age was the same is as C above, when the plaque was placed.

Have a seat facing the lake. You will not cross the paved path to find this box! Keeping that in mind, now look for the utility pole closest to you which might be easy to climb. Walk over to it. Close by find the large now “double barreled” tree (formerly triple barreled). It’s the kind you just learned about by using the answer to A.)

Also remembering the name of this box, go around to the other side of this tree. Keep the nearby “trees of three” at your back while you look. You’ll have to move a piece of bark which is about 8” inches long and really wedged in tightly under a dark part of the tree here. Below is a hidey hole full of leaves. I put a small handful of small rocks on top of this box to show you where to reach. Please remember to be careful poking around in holes! You’re looking for a peach colored plastic box that was a soap dish in a former life before I found it at a thrift store.

Although this area of the park is less busy than the original location, folks can still sneak up on you quickly! Please be discreet! Rehide super duper well – this box has already gone missing once!

Since I’m not local, I’d really appreciate status updates on how this box is doing.

Denver, CO