A Horse Named Chip  LbNA # 23499

Placed DateJul 5 2006
LocationOrono, ME
Planted ByMickey    
Found By Knittin' Fool
Last Found Mar 31 2013
Hike Distance?

This walk leads to an area where equines are ridden and cared for.

Access the trail system via the Witter Farm Road, off College Avenue. Park on the right, after the paved bike path and by the dirt road.

The University of Maine has a wonderful barn and great trails to ride on. Once upon a time, a 12 year old girl begged for a horse. Her dream came true and Chip, a quarter horse, came into her life; a good friend and faithful companion.

To find the Chip letterbox, park as suggested above, and walk up the dirt road, taking a left turn onto trail #3 between 2 boulders.

Continue up trail 3, past a humming station surrounded by a chain link fence...Keep out!

Go straight past the Research Demo area sign.

At the red pole, turn left onto Trail #8

At an intersection where there is a bench, turn left. Don't take #9 unless you want to be carried off by mosquitoes! Bear right around the bend...this is #7.

Turn right at trail 8 again, into the piney wood hill. In the center of the grove there is a bench. Sit on it.

Look right...there is a pile of dead logs and brush.

At the back of the pile, several short round logs protect and camoflage Chip...a well loved friend. You can sit comfortably on the bench to stamp.

To return, you may go straight ahead on #8 until it meets the bench area earlier mentioned, where you can continue straight on 8 and retrace your steps back the road.