Hocking County Notable Businesses  LbNA # 23519

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateJul 5 2006
LocationLogan, OH
Found By MichKathy
Last Found Apr 5 2015
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Very Easy
Terrain/Distance Pretty flat and a short walk/Drive up
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

Rand McNally Road Atlas picked the drive from Columbus Oh to Beckley W.V. as one of the 5 best drives in the U.S. for 2006.
And on this drive through Hocking County they selected these two businesses as "must see" on your drive though. The first is located in the city of Logan at 14 Gallagher Ave. The second business is located 12 miles south of Logan down H.W. 93 then east on H.W. 56 about 6 miles just east of New Plymouth. . Stop by before or after you hunt for these two letterboxes and take a friendly tour or the first facility and have a light lunch at the second one. I feel sure you will think it worth your time. And of course, the Hocking Hills are a must see while in this area.....and have plenty of Letterboxes for your hunting addiction.

Clues to find these two letterboxes: Get off of H.W. 33 into Logan on H.W. 93 and go north to Main Street. Turn left and go to Spring Street and turn right (northerly) on Spring Street. (Note: the first business is just a ways further west on Main, turning diagonally left onto Gallagher and then just down the road on the left)

BOX 1: Spring Street will run northerly into a cemetery and you will continue straight ahead, into the cemetery and up the hill to the T where you will turn left. Continue around the hill until reaching the concrete steps with a wooden hand rail, on the right. (NOTE: Celtic Letterboxer suggests an addition to the clues.... to "the SECOND set of concrete stairs with wooden hand rail.") Actually, just before the steps is a small pull off on the right where you can park. Now walk back as you came looking up the hill for Dalton and above that is Kitchen between two bushes. Your fist letterbox is in the bush to the left of Kitchen.

BOX 2: Continue driving around the hill until coming to the first right turn. Take it and shortly thereafter you will notice a "Section F" sign on the right and then Braddock, Moore and McVey. Park by the water spigot and head to McVey and look in the rear part of the bush beside McVey.

Now you know the two businesses chosen by Rand McNally as places to see while on this drive. Of course, if you checked out the Rand McNally web site, you already know who they are and I hope you enjoyed the easy hunt. Making it an easy hunt allows you more time for hiking the beautiful terrain of the Hocking Hills. Please re hide the containers well and close them securely so the log books do not get wet. Wet contents ruin the hunt for the next boxer. Cordially, Safari Man