Tiny Little Stroll - RETIRED  LbNA # 23531 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 6 2006
LocationCenterville, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By joyfinder
Last Found Jul 21 2007
Hike Distance?

These stamps used to be the series called A Little Stroll Through Town. However, the original placements just didn't work. Too busy, too crowded, too many muggles. And I was tired of these stamps sitting around waiting to be planted. So this little stroll is now much shorter and in a much smaller area than the original little stroll was. My daughter is an antique freak (at age 10!) and I finally took her to Webb's Antique Mall in Centerville which is supposed to be the biggest in the country or something? Great place to go if you're an antiquer! Anyway, after our Webb's trip, we found this little cemetary that we'd never seen before. Good place to ditch these 'boxes, we thought. So...here goes. :)

From highway 40 (Main St. in Centerville), go north on Morton St. Then after a couple of blocks, go west on North St. Church of Christ is RIGHT THERE on the left. The cemetery is RIGHT THERE by the church. Park in front of the church. Okay, this is gonna be short and sweet. There are four 'boxes out of the original five of the series (one went missing). To find them, check out the following landmarks closely: the multi-trunk tree on the far border of the yard away from the road; the biggest tree that has a couple of pieces of broken headstones, also towards the back edge of the yard; the tree stump with the collection of broken headstone pieces all around it; and underneath the prettiest headstone in the whole place (in my opinion). And there you have it! Now...they all have logbooks, but since they are all right here in this little area, feel free to only stamp into one. If you DO choose only to stamp into one logbook, please make it the one underneath the big pretty headstone. Enjoy your visit, and thanks for your interest! :)